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Technology Partnership
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Addressable Market Assessment

We engage in long-lasting partnerships with organizations as their trusted provider offering the following services:

  • Building from scratch or integration and customization of enterprise solutions: CRM, ERP, OMS, WMS, PIM, TMS, SCM, HRIMS, KMS, POS, PWA, Scheduling solutions, Transactional websites, Payment Solutions, Data Analytics & BI solutions, and other tech solutions
  • Business analysis (as a stand-alone service): conducting workshops, defining product or project requirements, documenting them, building schemas, preparing use cases, and planning the projects
  • IT managed services
  • Software code analysis, refactoring, and performance optimization
  • Setting up deployment pipelines and DevOps services
  • QA automation for enterprise and web solutions
  • Building transactional (Magento and Shopify) and nontransactional websites.
  • Participating in the planning of yearly IT roadmap with IT executives, analysis of their digital ecosystem, and suggesting the optimal projects delivery schedule and sequence based on resources (ours and our client’s), priorities, and best practices


Our experts help software solutions providers achieve following goals:

  • Conduct addressable market assessment
  • Perform “Solution VS Client Needs” analysis
  • Conduct an accessibility assessment
  • Improve, development, and implement their solutions
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Employees Experience
Technology Tools, Methodology, Implementation

Our experts combine software solutions and people-oriented methodology to help organizations achieve following goals:

  • Map, build, and conduct efficient technology adoption initiatives
  • Develop and implement change management workflows using technologies
  • Map, build, automate, and adopt an efficient onboarding, integration, and ongoing education process
  • Create digital onboarding materials
  • Build dashboards and other analytics solutions allowing to track progress and make better decisions related to employees experience
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Accessibility and Inclusion
Compliance: Consulting, Training, Technologies, Policies

We act as Accessibility and Inclusion Compliance Advisor helping organizations to meet accessibility compliance requirements through digital, people, and training solutions.

We assess, build a remediation plan, implement remediation roadmap, conduct a training and an ongoing support to help our clients to put in place accessible and inclusive:

  • Recruitment, onboarding, and integration process.
  • Employees-facing digital interfaces.
  • Customer-facing digital interfaces.
  • Internal policies and procedures.
  • Workplace accommodation.
  • Individual accommodation plans and policies.
  • Return-to-work processes.
  • Accessibility feedback tools.
  • Accessibility trainings and educational initiatives.
  • Publicly accessible places to store information about accessibility training.
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