This is a number of organizations looking to mitigate their cybersecurity risks with cyber insurance in 2023. 90% of C-level respondents see a strong value in pre- and post-incident services.

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Business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident responses have to be a normal practice embedded in organizations' DNA.

Cybersecurity and information security practices are crucial for people and organizations. One incident, one breach is capable of ruining many years of hard work and disturbing people's lives. When an incident happens, you have to be ready. Helping people and organizations to be ready and to respond to cybersecurity incidents is what our company, and our partners do.

Cyper collaborates with GoSecure, a recognized cybersecurity leader in North America, that has been delivering expert managed detection and response (MDR) and advisory services for over 20 years. This collaboration allows our clients to get the best-of-breed cybersecurity care. Together, we optimize our clients' cybersecurity and information protection.

Cyper is a trusted ally to IT, Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Cybersecurity leaders

Cybersecurity Leaders rely on Cyper to ensure Business Continuity for their organizations. We start with Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity Assessment. We continue the engagement process with a Breach Readiness Assessment. We also prepare our clients for Incident Response, and we implement Managed Detection and Response Solutions.


Cyper helps IT and Innovation Leaders to implement the most complex elements of their IT, Omnichannel, Innovation, and Digital Transformation roadmaps. Cyper's Research and Development experts ensure our clients' successful achievement of their tech and innovation goals.

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