5 Free Educational Programs in the Technology Industry

Tech skills are in high demand, with many companies hiring a wide range of job positions in the tech industry. In fact, the job outlook for software developers will rise 22% from 2020-2030¹. 

You may think you need to enroll in a paid university course to learn these sought-after skills, but that is not the case. If you want to learn to code or brush up on your tech skills, there are many free educational IT programs that you can enroll in. 

This article will go over the top five free IT programs you can enroll in today. 

Cyper Academy

Cyper Academy is for those who want to start a career in Software Development and Technologies. It is a free educational program conducted by Cyper experts. 

Cyper provides exceptional educational and placement programs for people who want to start or restart their careers in the world of technologies including Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Project Management, Project Coordination, Front-end Development, Customer Support, Software Sales and Pre-Sales, and other areas of Software Development and Technologies.

This educational program allows you to build or boost your career in the sphere of technologies, and the best students who pass the educational training with success will be offered a job at Cyper.


codecademy.com is a website where you can learn the skills for any tech job. You can sign up for a free account that gives you access to basic courses that help you build a software and web development career. 

There are courses for every skill level, from beginners to pros. General topics include web development, programming, data science, design, and game development, and some courses teach you specific programming languages like Python, JavaScript, SQL, C#, and Swift.

Not all courses are free, but the basics are. Codecademy’s goal is to make learning coding accessible, empowering people wherever they are in their coding journey.  

Dash General Assembly

dash.generalassemb.ly is a free online course that teaches web development basics through projects anyone can do in their browser. This course teaches the fundamentals of coding with HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. 

You’ll design modern sites and learn to balance the layout with content and easy navigation. You’ll learn to create a fully styled landing page with responsive mobile design and use UI effects like animation.  

This free course is a great starting point to explore web development and see if you want to pursue it further. 


edx.org is a massive open online course provider with university-level courses made by schools, nonprofit organizations, and corporations like IBM. All courses are completely free, and you will get a certificate once you’ve completed a course. 

Some tech courses include How to Code: Simple Data, HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals, and Computer Hardware and Operating Systems. You can also take data science courses such as Introduction to Data Science, Programming for Data Science, and Data Analytics Essentials.

You’ll have access to interactive learning exercises, video tutorials, and more in these courses. 

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT offers all of its course material online for free through ocw.mit.edu. You don’t need to apply to MIT to take these courses, and you can find any course material for graduate or undergraduate courses offered through the university.

Courses in computer science include programming languages, artificial intelligence, software design, data mining, and cryptography. You’ll get access to lecture notes, projects and examples, instructor insights, and assignments. 


There is a huge demand for people with skills in web development, computer programming, and more. If you want to start your career in tech, you should consider taking one of these free educational IT programs. 


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