5 Ways to Improve Technology Adoption

5 Ways to Improve Technology Adoption

Employees in an organization can face challenges implementing new technology if they don’t have the right training or strategies. To be successful, they need to have a long-term plan, efficient training, and communication across all departments. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to improve technology adoption in your business. By following the five tips below, you’ll be set for success. 

Develop a Long-Term Strategy

One of the best technology adoption strategies is to develop a long-term plan of action. Think about the goals you want to achieve for your business, then plan backwards, finding a technology that will improve your team’s performance. The strategy should consider what features of the technology the business needs and how it will affect all departments. 

You should have a roll-out plan for when each department will need to make the transition to adopt the technology. Ensure that each team has enough time for implementation to properly utilize the new technology. 

Communicate the Changes and Adjust if Needed

Before the technology adoption, clearly communicate to all employees the benefits of the new technology, how it will make their lives easier, and business processes faster. If they don’t know what is changing and why, they will be more resistant to the adoption. When all employees are on the same page about what is happening, they will be more likely to embrace the change. 

Introducing new technology is likely to disrupt the workflow. The implementation should be monitored across all departments for any delays or difficulties. Based on this, you should decide if the timeline for adoption needs to be delayed or revised into different stages.

Train Your Team Early

Most training programs offered by vendors are standardized and not specific to your business processes or needs. Training shouldn’t just be presentations and photos, but specifics on how the new technology will impact your employees and the steps they can take to adopt it.

To improve technology adoption, you should develop a customized training plan for employees in all departments. Training should be specific for each department and how they carry out their work. 

You don’t want your employees to feel like they’ve wasted their time with training or are confused about how it connects to their work, so consider different training methods such as classroom, online, and training labs. 

Ask For Feedback and Monitor Performance

Provide the opportunity for all affected employees to give feedback on how the adoption is going. Giving them a chance to provide feedback makes them feel included and part of the change. If everyone is on the same page, the technology adoption will go a lot smoother. You’ll also get insights into what is working well and what should be improved.

Once the technology adoption has started, you need to develop performance indicators to measure success. Assess and evaluate it regularly, keeping your goals in mind.  

Provide Ongoing Support 

If employees run into any problems, they should have a support system. Adopting new technology can be a difficult process, and you should be there to help them along the way. Having support can help to reduce your employees’ frustration with the new system and improve the technology adoption rate.


Adopting new technology will increase productivity, simplify processes, and solve problems in your business. To be successful, you need to plan for, identify, and address potential challenges in the adoption process.

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