Case study

Order Management System integration
with Magento 2

Healthcare retailer conducted a sophisticated choice and a successful implementation

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Online orders fulfillment for a healthcare retailer

* We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we are not providing their names, the results are real.

A big player in both the retail and healthcare industries in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan (Canada) faced a problem related to manual orders fulfillment.

Cyper’s experts conducted an analysis of the client’s digital ecosystem, aligned it with business processes involved in the orders’ fulfillments processes, suggested optimal solutions, successfully implemented them and provided the client with the knowledge transfer and end-users’ education.

The client increased online sales and significantly improved the “pick – pack – ship” processes.

Online order processing

At a glance

The healthcare retailer was able to back up its online sales with an efficient fulfilment process. This process took only nine months to complete from an initial analysis to the Go Live stage, along with providing written and video end-users’ education.

The story

The healthcare retailer got a turnkey service that included a solution choice, implementation, end-users education, ongoing support, and evolution that allowed its online sales to be backed by an efficient fulfilment process.

The situation

• The healthcare retailer needed to automate a fulfillment process for sales made using its Magento 2 based transactional website.

• Its e-commerce team had to take into account the data exchange between its digital ecosystem elements (CRM, ERP, POS, Magento 2).

• Cyper needed to find a solution that would allow its ongoing evolution and support within continuously scaling and evolving business processes.

• The healthcare retailer needed to ensure the solution adoption within the shortest possible period of time (that being said, the end-users’ education was an essential part of the service package).

• The healthcare retailer needed to seamlessly continue its operation while the integration process was taking place.

Cyper’s approach

Step 1: Healthcare retailer digital ecosystem analysis

Cyper’s experts conducted several workshops with the representatives of the healthcare retailer to analyse:

• Healthcare retailer’s digital ecosystem elements and their technical characteristics.

• Integrations between different ecosystem elements needed to enable an omnichannel customer experience.

• Healthcare retailer’s products flow.

• Healthcare retailer’s data flow.

Step 2: Healthcare retailer requirements to order management software

Based on the results of workshops, Cyper’s experts mapped the healthcare retailer’s requirements to an order management system including the …

• Possibility of integration with a Magento Community Edition based transactional website.

• Integration with multiple warehouses.

• Integration with an ERP system.

• Integration with Canada Post with a possibility to expand to integration with multiple postal carriers.

• Full automation of the Pick, Pack and Ship process.

• Other integrations related to e-commerce and omnichannel enablement.

Step 3: Order Management System implementation, support and sustainability assessment

Cyper’s experts conducted a workshop with the healthcare retailer’s representatives to answer the following questions:

• Do they have experts in house who would be able to assist the Order Management System implementation process?

• How are they planning to organize the knowledge transfer, software users’ education and an ongoing Order Management System user’s support?

• Do they have a person who will be an internal Order Management System project manager responsible for implementation, users’ education, and ongoing support?

• What are they ready to do in house, and what will they want to allocate to software providers and software integrators?

Step 4: Healthcare retailer budget assessment

Cyper’s experts analysed, with the healthcare retailer’s representatives, what budget the organization was going to allocate to initial implementation and to subsequent evolution and support.

Order management solution

Step 5: Healthcare retailer Order Management Systems’ solution types analysis

Cyper’s experts proceeded to the solution types analysis based on the criteria they derived from previous workshops with the healthcare retailer’s representatives.

Cyper’s experts listed that a solution has to be:

• Out of the box.

• Initially built as an OMS, not as a complex enterprise management platform with some OMS built-in modules.

• Customizable.

• Compatible with Magento 2 (Community Edition).

• Has reasonable pricing.

• Provides clients with different payment plans and payment options.

• Pricing is not based on online revenue.

• No dependencies from the solution provider.

Fits the healthcare retailer’s digital ecosystem tech stack.

Online order management system

Step 6: Healthcare retailer Order Management System choice

Cyper’s experts crossmatched:

• Healthcare retailer’s needs assessment.

• Order Management System implementation, support and sustainability assessment.

• Healthcare retailer’s budget assessment.

• Healthcare retailer Order Management Systems’ solution types analysis

Based on the cross matching of factors listed above, Cyper’s experts proposed one solution that was a perfect match for the healthcare retailer. They presented the analysis to the client along with a risk assessment and risk mitigation plan.

The results

The healthcare retailer was able to make an informed decision and choose the Order Management System that fits all the organization’s needs.

Cyper’s experts conducted the solution integration, its partial customization and post Go Live ongoing evolution and support.

Cyper’s experts prepared written instructions for 10 user roles in both English and French.

Cyper’s experts prepared video instructions for 10 user roles in English.

Cyper’s experts prepared detailed tech specifications and described all steps, code, integration instructions, technical requirements, and server configuration details that allow the healthcare retailer to possess 100% of the knowledge about the software that is now being used within its digital ecosystem.

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