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Technology adoption

Knowledge transfer challenges and solutions

Implementing new software for a 3,000-employee organization

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A retail organization faced a technology adoption challenge: after refusing manual warehouse management processes, their managers had to educate warehouse workers, logistics workers, order management department and marketing department team members to use the newly implemented software.

Cyper’s experts found a solution: prepared written and video instructions in both English and French to educate end users depending on their role within software user roles and on their involvement into operations.

The learning curve for all types of users was significantly reduced and the Client began to benefit from newly implemented software as soon as the first month of its use.

Warehouse management system

At a glance

A consumer goods retailer implemented a new warehouse management system to automate the warehouse management processes and respond to an exploding growth of online orders.

The story

The consumer goods retailer got a sophisticated end users education that allowed the whole organization to reduce technology adoption time and start benefiting from the newly automated process from the first month after implementation.

The situation

• The consumer goods retailer launched a new website and added 600 new products before the high season – New Year Holidays

• Its team invested a significant budget into the marketing and promotion among bloggers/influencers, on Facebook, on Instagram

• The consumer goods retailer increased its warehouse team by 70%

• The consumer goods retailer implemented a new warehouse management software to support an explosive growth

• New and existing team members needed to undergo a quick onboarding to enable the automation of the warehouse management processes

• Not all team members were comfortable with the “out of the box” high level instruction created by the software provider

• Team members needed role-based instructions reflecting a detailed workflow within a new warehouse management software supported by images and infographics

Cyper’s approach

Step 1: Describe workflows within the system for each user role

Cyper’s experts conducted several workshops with the representatives of the consumer goods retailer to analyse:

• User roles

• User permissions

• Workflows

Step 2: Approve collected information with the Client

Cyper’s experts mapped user roles and permissions, matched them with workflows that needed to be performed within the warehouse management software and approved them with the Client

Warehouse management software

Step 3: Create a test environment for the software to allow instructional designers to work “hands-on” with the product

Cyper’s experts created a test environment of the warehouse management software that was accessible for its instructional designers to allow them not only to create user instructions but also to make sure they run them through the copy of the software system and reflect each possible step of the interaction between a user and the system

Step 4: Finalize written instructions

• Cyper’s experts prepared written instructions in English and French

• Added the infographics

• Tested instructions from the standpoint of different scenarios

• Finalized written instructions based on the testing results

Warehouse management software
Online order management system
Online order management system

Step 5: Prepare video instructions

Once written instructions were prepared, tested and finalized, Cyper’s experts recorded detailed video instructions for each user to allow them have not only written, but also video education.

Step 6: Presentation of video and written instructions to the Client

Cyper’s experts delivered written and video instructions to the Client. Client’s representatives distributed instructions among its team members and made them an essential part of:

• New team members onboarding

• Existing team members education (applicable to all warehouse management system users based on their roles within the system)

The results

1. The consumer goods retailer was able to benefit from the new warehouse management system as well as from newly automated business processes starting from the first month after its deployment.

2. Cyper’s experts prepared instructions that proved to be efficient for self-education that significantly reduced the knowledge transfer period.

3. Cyper’s experts prepared written and video instructions in both English and French that allowed team members with various linguistic requirements to conduct an efficient education and reduce the learning curve related to the new technology adoption.

4. The usual “new technology rejection” that statistically might be observed while adopting new software was at its minimal level.

5. The overall satisfaction with the new warehouse management system among Client’s team members was at 95% (according to a survey conducted by Cyper’s experts 2 months after instructions’ delivery).

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