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Women in STEM

At Cyper, we continuously make a concerted effort to have more female experts represented in the organization. Our goal is to continuously make an effort to help women “shatter the glass ceiling”. Our goal is to give women equal opportunities in STEM careers. We aim to help narrow the gender pay gap in the industry. We stand for women’s economic security, and we believe that a diverse and talented STEM workforce is crucial.
Women in STEM
Work-life balance

Work-Life Balance

In an effort to increase productivity and efficiency, our company has implemented a working approach that is proven to be efficient, innovative and ensures higher productivity.

Since July 2021, our Canadian legal entities made a new Monday – Thursday work schedule available for our team members. The goal is to keep a focus on the deliverables and accomplish all our tasks in a timely manner within this time frame.

Eye Care - Cyper Benefits

Vision Care

Since we spend most of our working hours in front of computer screens, we often need to change glasses twice per year. Cyper is always here for our team members.

All our full-time employees receive an additional 500$ per year reimbursement from Cyper for expenses related to eye health (eye exams, ophthalmic glasses purchases, contact lenses purchases, etc.).

A health insurance contract

Health Care

At Cyper, we offer health insurance to all our team members and their immediate families starting from the first day of their employment.

The insurance we offer covers vision, dental, health, AD&D, life, long-term disability, and critical illness.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that an inclusive and diverse environment creates a unique synergy of creative energy, knowledge, expertise and skills that shape the future of the industry.

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Projects and Integrations Management

Projects and Integrations Managers, Projects Coordinators and PM assistants ensure superior end-to-end projects delivery and continuity.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an essential part of tech projects’ life cycles. Our QA department welcomes both manual and automated testers. Be the one who ensures the best quality of our products and services. Cyper is looking forward to meeting with you to see if we can collaborate.

Client Services

Every second of interactions between our customers and our brand matters. If your greatest satisfaction is to sustain and continuously improve customers’ experiences, our Services department is waiting for you.

Software Development and Integration

Are you a software developer striving to continuously work on challenging projects, make technologies better, and ensure your professional skills growth? Our software developers work on challenging tasks that allow them to be in the highest professional shape. Join us today and become a part of highly skilled software developers.

Business and Enterprise Development

Business developers and sales experts are extremely important for our business. If this career path inspires you, we are looking forward to collaborating with you.

Business Analysis

If you want to participate in the magic of the transformation that converts an idea into a plan, this career path is for you. Discover our BA opportunities and contribute to the success of each project we deliver.

Talent Management

We welcome HR and talent management experts who want to help us take the best possible care of our priceless team members.

Accounting and Finance

We welcome accounting and finance experts who are excited to work on a daily basis within our best finance and accounting practices.

Internship Opportunities

What if you don’t have any experience, and you don’t know how to start your career in technology?

We are here for you. Become one of our interns and build your new and exciting career in this cutting-edge industry.