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Our clients have included retailers, healthcare providers, cosmetic brands, and B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies. We stand for their success. We help them innovate, invent, and embrace the new fast-changing reality that is defined by technologies.

Cyper has dedicated its services to organizations that undergo digital transformations.

Becoming a digitally mature company is not a question of a competitive advantage anymore; it’s a question of staying in business, keeping your current rankings, staying alive, and surviving.

We help organizations embrace digital changes, welcome new realities, and be on top of their business in this new and changing world.

Integration of a command management system with Magento 2

A big player in both the retail and healthcare industries in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan (Canada) faced a problem related to manual orders fulfillment.

Digital transformation

A retail organization faced a technology adoption challenge: after refusing manual warehouse management processes, their managers had to educate warehouse workers, logistic workers, order management department and marketing department team members to use newly implemented software.

Digital transition in home care

A big player in the homecare industry in Alberta (Canada) faced a problem related to its resources management. When COVID-19 forced the home care organization to manage its visiting nurses and caregivers remotely, top management realized that all related processes were paper based and required an immediate shift to digitized management.

Full Cycle Digital Transformation
Consulting and Integration

Top performing companies use a holistic 360-degree approach that enables their digital ecosystems’ creation and ongoing improvements through a design and a technology-led approach.

At Cyper, we select, assess, customize, develop from scratch, and implement a full range of enterprise solutions such as ERP, OMS, PIM, Payment Solutions, WMS, POS, CRM, and many others.

Technical debt assessment


Initial digital ecosystem analysis and technical debt assessment. “What you have” with “What you need” alignment.

Project management and execution


Solution choice. Key elements mapping. Project launch, scope delivery. Technical documentation preparation.

Consulting Services in Digital Transformation


Services delivery. End-to-end knowledge transfer. End users’ education. Post-project ongoing improvement planning.

Project management


Sustainable improvement roadmap creation. Ongoing improvements action plan implementation. Ongoing knowledge transfer support.

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Technical debt assessment: what it means for your investors
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Technical debt assessment
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Each achievement, each successful implementation, and each software solution launch heavily relies on competent people who make this happen. Meet Cyper’s experts, find out who those people are behind the scenes, and get familiar with the professionals who dedicate their work to your success.