Diversity and Inclusion

Representation matters

Wake-up call years: 2019 – 2021

According to several data sources analyzed by our experts, the diversity of the problem solvers matters more than their individual ability.

The topics of diversity and inclusion aren’t new. Moreover, many of the events in the corporate world in 2019 – 2021 alarmed people and motivated managers to reexamine diversity and inclusion-related initiatives.

In many countries, numerous initiatives were put in place not only within companies, but these initiatives were also reinforced by regional, municipal and governmental legislations.

Our commitments

At Cyper, we are actively promoting the simple idea that representation matters significantly and that the necessary changes start from us.

We strongly believe that diversity, especially in STEM, refers to cultivating talents and promoting the full inclusion of excellence across the social spectrum.

Diverse career paths

We commit to promote talents across roles, departments, and regions, allowing unbelievable career revamping options.

Talents’ strategy

We commit to ensuring a diverse environment by engaging talents via internships and programs across provinces and countries.


We commit to improving employees’ experiences by offering flexible work arrangements to improve inclusion, growth and trust.


We commit to enhancing well-being programs that promote human connectivity and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Our 2021 – 2026 Goals

Make education and training a priority

Our goal is to ensure that each team member attends at least one diversity-focused training program per year.

Consistently question our own assumptions and biases

Our goal is to continuously ask ourselves if we are unconsciously excluding potentially great talent because of unconscious biases. Our objective is to understand what we need to change internally to repair blind spots.

Work hard on being diverse

Our goal is to make an extra effort to actively search for talent from under-represented groups. We will be attending career events for women in STEM, regional chapters for various cultural groups, and communities to make sure we are making an extra effort in diverse talent search.

Be Part of Something Bigger
We believe that
people matter, and
we act like it.

Internship Opportunities

If you don’t have any experience, and you don’t know how to start you career in technology, we are here for you.

Become one of our interns and build your exciting new career in this cutting-edge industry.