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Clients and Business Cases

Learning from real business cases allows you to make informed decisions and achieve extraordinary results.

In this section, you will find business cases related to both Cyperᵀᴹ ’s clients and other companies that appeared to be the most impactful and industries-defining.

Order Management System intergration with Magento 2

A big player in both the retail and healthcare industries in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan (Canada) faced a problem related to manual orders fulfillment.

Technology adoption

A retail organization faced a technology adoption challenge: after refusing manual warehouse management processes, their managers had to educate warehouse workers, logistic workers, order management department and marketing department team members to use newly implemented software.

COVID-19 era pressure: digital move in homecare

A big player in the homecare industry in Alberta (Canada) faced a problem related to its resources management. When COVID-19 forced the home care organization to manage its visiting nurses and caregivers remotely, top management realized that all related processes were paper based and required an immediate shift to digitized management.

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