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Learning Curve - Cyper for Digital Enterprise

Built for organizations seeking efficient and sophisticated knowledge transfer solutions

Learning Curve on several digital media

• Online Knowledge Transfer Platform for your Teams

• Web-based application available from any device – all you need is an Internet connection

• Conducting new team members’ onboarding with sophisticated, easily accessible and simply built online platforms

• Preparing for team members’ changing roles within the organization

• Implementing new rules, procedures and policies

• Conducting end-user education while adopting new technologies

• Planning their internal business processes and activities

Learning Curve on several digital media

What problem does Cyper Learning Curve solve?

In our fast-changing world, especially in technologies, finances, engineering, construction, healthcare, and other industries, we have an ongoing need to improve our knowledge.

Organizations and their team members have to constantly learn new methods, instruments, approaches, and technologies just to stay at the same levels of competencies, let alone to grow and stand apart from their competitors.

This situation puts immense pressure on employees who feel themselves constantly trying to “catch up” with new knowledge, technologies and methodologies.

Cyper Learning Curve is a data-driven solution

97% of organizations surveyed by Cyper business development experts in 2020 – 2021 mentioned that they would prefer to have ongoing knowledge transfer conducted for all employees using an online knowledge transfer platform available for everyone.

We questioned 87 organizations (from 100 to 5,000 employees), all working in private sectors.

Employees in workplace


• 30% of those organizations surveyed work in retail industries
• 42% of those organizations surveyed work in the mining and engineering industries
• 28% of those organizations surveyed work in the logistics industry

Geographical distribution


• 32% of organizations surveyed conduct their business in Canada only
• 38% of organizations surveyed conduct their business in both Canada and the USA
• 40% of organizations surveyed conduct their business in the USA only

More than 92% of surveyed organizations admitted that putting in place an efficient ongoing knowledge transfer strategy combined with its implementation through a digital tool (such as an online knowledge transfer platform) would significantly reduce the overall employees’ stress and, as a consequence, reduce the risk of burnout.

Key Cyper Learning Curve Characteristics

Learning Curve on laptop
Learning Curve on laptop
Content Management

Create educational content

For example, a head of an HR division can create a category called “HR Policies”, add various educational materials, assign them to a particular team member or a group of team members, and track the progress.

Learning Curve on mobile phone

There is no need to re-create educational content

• Put any data inside the lesson: upload a word, PDF, Excel, etc. document
• Add a link to the video file on YouTube, to a Google Document, to a Google Spreadsheet, etc.
• Type your educational content inside the lesson, organize and reorganize courses and categories within the platform
• Discover many more amazing features that allow you to intuitively and efficiently conduct knowledge transfer and internal education for your team members

Learning Curve on mobile phone
Learning Curve on Tablet
Learning Curve on Tablet
Learning Space and Assignment management

Access, read, watch and successfully adopt knowledge:

For example, newly engaged employees can browse through assigned educational categories and courses, HR policies, IT & Security Policies, Procedures, and other Policies required by their departments.

Types of licensing

“Plug and play”: Start as soon as you can after going through a basic setup by our experts

“Custom”: Get a unique, tailored online knowledge transfer platform with a personalized “look and feel”, custom dashboards, reports, features

Ready to start?

Request a demo of Cyper Learning Curve that has been created to help your employees reduce stress, decrease the likelihood of burnout, and help your organization create a team of champions that are always up-to-date on the latest tendencies, trends and skills.