Order Accuracy: 5 Solutions to Increase It

An accurate order fulfillment process is crucial for a successful online business. When orders are inaccurate, you as a business waste time and resources. If you’re making too many mistakes with order accuracy, you risk losing customers and damaging your reputation. However, you can improve your business’ order accuracy rates and meet customer expectations with the right systems and processes.

So, how can you increase order accuracy? Below are the top five solutions. 

Track Your Order Accuracy Rates 

If you aren’t already doing so, you should track your order accuracy rates to know where you’re at and how you can improve. It’s recommended to track the accuracy rate for at least a few months to see where you currently stand. On average, a 3% increase in order accuracy yields a 1% increase in profit, so if you’re not at 98% or above, you should focus on improving it. 

Ensure Inventory Counts Are Accurate 

If a product is in a customer’s shopping cart, it needs to be available. If it’s not, they will get frustrated and may never shop with you again. To ensure the most accurate inventory, invest in inventory management tools and ensure you have a good order management system. It should allow you to easily track inventory levels and notify you when you need to re-order certain products (or automatically re-order when stock levels drop). The inventory management platform should be integrated with your website to let customers know in real-time if an item is in stock.  

Have an Efficient Picking and Packing Process

Evaluate this process and resolve any discrepancies that may be causing errors in the order fulfillment process. Talk to your employees to see if they’re fulfilling orders in the most efficient way possible. 

You can use an OMS to collect and analyze data related to the picking and packing process. Once you have this data, you can figure out how to reduce the error rate and maximize profit. An OMS can help with automated inventory counts, analyze which picking and packing methods are the most efficient, and integrate barcode scanning to reduce errors with order fulfillment. 

Have an Accurate Receiving Process 

Your warehouse receivers should be quick and accurate when receiving new inventory. If they are inaccurate, slow, or do not put the inventory where it’s supposed to go, your stock levels and overall business may suffer. Make sure you have a well-trained receiving team. You should also have scheduled shipments so that you know which days of the week you will be receiving the product and be ready for it. 

Automate the Order Fulfillment Process 

If your eCommerce business is growing rapidly, you may want to consider implementing technology and automating some processes to help get orders out the door as quickly and accurately as possible. Implement an OMS that helps keep track of inventory levels, automate most processes, and reduce errors. Some technologies like sorters, goods-to-person solutions, and mobile robots can help your employees, reducing the time it takes to walk across the warehouse to pick orders.


Order accuracy and customer loyalty are linked hand-in-hand. As a business, it is very important to take all the steps to ensure you have the best order process optimization and look for ways to increase your order accuracy. 
Take a look at this case study for how an order management system can help your business with the order fulfillment process.

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