Order Management Systems: 3 Ways They Can Benefit Your eCommerce Store

It’s important to ensure your order management system is as efficient as possible, as it will greatly benefit your eCommerce store. An order management system helps streamline the order process, revolutionizing how you manage orders. You can send more orders out in a short time frame, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

This article will explain what an order management system is and three ways it can benefit your eCommerce store. 

What Is an OMS?

An order management system is a software system used for the order fulfillment process. It is a digital way to simplify order tracking and fulfillment, rather than using pen and paper or keeping track of everything manually. 

It is very efficient and cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to count all your inventory. An OMS tracks all information and processes throughout the order fulfillment process, including when a customer places an order, inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping.  

The customer and the business have full visibility of where the order is, and customers get real-time updates and emails. In short, an order management system makes life easier for both the business and its customers. 

How Can It Benefit Your eCommerce Store?

Below are three ways an OMS can benefit your eCommerce store. 

Inventory Cost Reductions 

With an OMS, the order fulfillment process is more accurate, allowing you to save costs from both inventory and labor. These savings can have the order management system pay for itself within just a few months. 

Inventory management is handled on the OMS, which simplifies processes and reduces the likelihood of incorrect or late orders. You can easily move stock around with most order management systems simply by scanning a barcode or two. You may also get automated insights into product information to know how to best handle inventory and where to put it. Stock levels and sales data will be automatically tracked, which helps to improve the efficiency of adding new inventory items, tracking sales, and keeping stock levels up-to-date. 

Orders Are Shipped Faster, More Efficiently, and With Fewer Errors 

With an order management system, you’ll get enhanced inventory insight. You won’t need to manually monitor your eCommerce store for orders coming in, as real-time updates are provided as the orders are received. You’ll get insights as to when shipments are dispatched, and customers will receive that information through email updates. With most order management systems, you can search the order history if you need information about a previous or completed order. 

Improved Customer Service 

An OMS provides customers with real-time updates on their order status instead of wondering when their package will arrive. If customers have visibility through the order fulfillment process, they will likely return to shop again and leave a good review. The company can also see the most up-to-date information on all inventory and current orders, letting them pass on this information to customers. 


An order management system is the best way to handle incoming orders, inventory management, and the entire order fulfillment process. It is the only way to keep up with a growing eCommerce store. 
Check out this case study to see how Cyper’s integration of an OMS helped benefit an online healthcare retailer. In this case, Cyper successfully implemented an OMS and provided the client with the knowledge and detailed instructions on how to use it. With an efficient fulfillment process, the client increased online sales and greatly improved the “pick-pack-ship” process.