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Optimizing our clients' cybersecurity and information protection

Managed Detection and Response

Endpoint, network, and email threat detection combined into a single managed detection and response service to deliver a rapid response and active mitigation services that directly touches customers endpoints and networks with both automated monitoring tools and human threat hunting capabilities.

Vulnerability Management

Flexible offerings for scanning, patch management, or full-service deployment across covered systems and applications that can help with compliance, offer visibility and real-time monitoring, as well as comprehensive reporting.

Breach Readiness

An assessment focused on Business Continuity, Incident Response, and Disaster Recovery. A holistic approach to understanding the readiness of an organization to respond to an incident. A sophisticated framework that deeply examines an organization’s capability to prepare for, defend against and respond to an incident or crisis.

Custom Cybersecurity Consulting

A personalized service designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and optimize your cybersecurity programs.
An optimal choice for organizations focused on proactive cybersecurity and information protection solutions.
This service allows covering both plans related to your defense against breaches and protocols for recovery after an attack.

Cybersecurity Assessment

A multi-faceted review of security posture based on organization complexity, industry, environment, and other factors.

This service allows you to assess the state of your security controls, define if your security technologies are delivering the value you need, and help you create a security roadmap based on the needs of your organization.

Incident Response

Retainer programs and emergency incident response services based on NIST SP 800-61r2 and SANS best
Emergency IR clients benefit from the support and experience of the cybersecurity professionals who help them respond to the attack, as well as develop any needed legal documentation.

Red and Purple Team

Strategic services that help assess detection, response, investigation, and future prevention abilities within an organization.
These custom engagements, tailored to the objectives of your organization, assess risks and readiness to help protect against breaches.

Penetration Testing

Teams of experts emulate threats from real-world attackers to expose risks and gaps in your organization's security. Intrusion tests are developed based on the individual threat model, industry, and the technology of your organization.
Testing professionals performing penetration tests are Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP), ensuring that the team is meeting the highest standards in the industry for skills, expertise and testing methodologies.

Specialty Penetration Testing

The wide range of comprehensive specialty testing services. They might include Cloud Testing, SAP Testing, IoT Device Testing.
You will get a detailed report with easy-to-understand, actionable insights to help address the risks and gaps we identify.
These testing options are available individually or as part of your comprehensive testing program.

Privacy and Compliance

This service includes current privacy program evaluations, an assessment of the regulatory landscape that applies to your organization, gaps analysis, gaps remediation plan tailored to improve compliance with data protection standards. Dedicated experts ensure that your organization is ready for the next report.

Security Compromise Assessment

A combination of a 60-days of best-in-class monitoring with human threat hunting performed by the response center experts.
A team of experts engages to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of the potential, current and historical threats across environments.
This service also significantly helps organizations identify steps to fortify defenses for the future.

Threat Maturity

A four-week workshop allowing cybersecurity experts working as partners with your team during 4 weeks to understand your organization’s position on the path from a reactionary security program to a proactive, threat-informed security program. Understanding your organization’s vulnerabilities is the best way to quantify your real risk and successfully guard against internal and external threats.