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Red and Purple Team services


Red and Purple Team services help to assess and enhance the security posture of organizations.

Red Team services are designed to simulate real-world cyber attacks on an organization's network and infrastructure. This service is performed by experienced security professionals who use various techniques to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization's security defenses. The Red Team engagement involves an offensive approach to security testing, which aims to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in the organization's systems, processes, and people. The objective is to uncover security gaps before real attackers do and provide recommendations on how to improve defenses.

Purple Team services, on the other hand, are designed to assess an organization's ability to detect and respond to cyber threats. This service involves a collaborative approach between the Red Team and the in-house security team of the organization.

The Purple Team engagement aims to improve an organization's detection and response capabilities by sharing information and knowledge between the Red and in-house teams. By simulating a real-world attack, the Purple Team engagement helps to identify gaps in an organization's security monitoring and incident response processes. We also offer a Collaborative Threat Hunting engagement, which can be performed after a Red or Purple Team engagement, to further enhance the in-house team's threat detection and response capabilities.

Overall, Red and Purple Team services offered by Cyber and GoSecure provide customized engagements to assess an organization's security posture, identify vulnerabilities, and improve cybersecurity defenses. These services are critical for any organization that wants to stay ahead of cyber threats and be prepared to respond to real-world attacks.