Candidates vetted by experts
and proven specialists

Our experts perform on your behalf an assessment of the interpersonal and
technical skills that correspond to your needs! We test, analyze and evaluate
candidates’ skill sets allowing our clients to make better and more informed talent

Forget about ‘CV senders’!
We assess your talent needs according to your project requirements and we provide you with the necessary solutions.
We submit exclusively relevant candidates vetted by experts from our teams who are involved in similar projects on a daily basis.
How did we get there?

As a company working in the digital transformation industry, Cyper is used to receiving various requests from clients. Sometimes, they don’t only ask us to deliver a project with our teams, but they also share with us that they are searching for experts to hire and the difficulty they have in finding talent that meets the standards of Cyper’s teams.

In response to this huge demand for solutions, we offered to our clients Cyper Talents Solutions services. Cyper has extensive experience in recruiting, educating, onboarding, and managing talents. That’s why it was natural for Cyper to introduce Talents Solutions to redefine the way employers perform:

Assessment of talent needs according to specific project requirements and provide custom solutions
Search for qualified candidates and highly trained talents: communication of the opening on multiple platforms, reception of applications and candidate shortlisting
Candidates’ interpersonal and technical skills assessment, from personal interviews to pre-selection of candidates to meet with our clients to validate the mutual interest
Candidates’ selection and placement, from recruitment to talent integration and knowledge transfer support
What makes us stand apart?
We can offer an integrated service, from the analysis of talent needs according to current projects to the full integration of candidates through a knowledge transfer platform
Unlike many recruitment firms, we have experts in software development, DevOps, QA, BA, UX/UI, architects, and IT support who are engaged in the industry on a daily basis.
We are able to provide an assessment of the candidates’ interpersonal and technical skills of our experts who understand all the new trends and best practices in the industry as well as the in-depth requirements for the completion of your projects.
We take care of the entire recruitment process and perform a 360° analysis in order to adequately align your projects, the requirements, the search for a perfect candidate and their integration into your teams

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