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Women in STEM in Canada

Technology is a fast changing and highly developing industry that requires more and more new talents. A significant lack of a workforce is combined with an upsetting and alarming gender gap in STEM.

Female leadership and female talents’ engagement is a part of our strategic initiatives related to talent management and ongoing engagement.

• Male STEM graduates were more likely than female STEM graduates to be employed in a STEM occupation.
• Women in Canada Are Less Likely to Enter, More Likely to Leave STEM Fields
• In 2017, women earned approximately one-third (35.8%) of all recipients of STEM postsecondary degrees in Canada.
• Women with STEM credentials were more likely than their male counterparts to be unemployed or not in the labour force.

Key characteristics of the longitudinal sample of STEM graduates

Sample including all STEM graduates Sample including only STEM graduates employed in 2006 and 2016
Overall Men Women Overall Men Women
Sex percent percent
Female 30.2 ... 100.0 28.0 ... 100.0
Male 69.8 100.0 ... 72.0 100.0 ...
All STEM graduates
STEM graduates employed in 2006 and 2016

Women in STEM in the USA

Women of Color Earn the Smallest Share of STEM Degrees
Women Are More Likely to Hold Lower-Paying STEM Jobs, Contributing to the Pay Gap
Few Women Advance to CIO or CTO Roles
Women, Especially Women of Color, Make Up a Small Share of Scientists and Engineers

Source: Catalyst

Most women in STEM jobs in majority-male workplaces, in computer jobs or with postgraduate degrees say they have experienced discrimination at work

Has experienced gender discrimination at work
Gender has made it harder to succeed at work
Sexual harrasment is a problem in their workplace

Women in STEM working in majority-male workplaces perceive more gender inequities

Has experienced gender discrimination at work
Gender has made it harder to succeed at work
Sexual harrasment is a problem in their workplace
Women with a postgraduate degree
Women in computer jobs
Women in a mostly male workplace

Source: Catalyst

What we do to close gender gaps

Encourage women mentorship at work

Mentoring helps your leaders and rising stars practice their communication skills. Whether mentoring happens in one-on-one or group settings, it encourages women to practice effective, clear communication. (Forbes)

Encourage women to build their brands, to speak up and receive credits for their ideas

Women think if they stand up and say “I did this”, that they are bragging. But it’s not bragging. It’s making your capabilities and success known. (Page Ripani, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton)

Encourage women to bring their authentic selves to work

If you are two different people at home and at work, then you are not being authentic. I aspire to be the same person wherever I go. (Nasrin Resai, Global Enterprise and Security Leader, GE)

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